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Shenzhen Huasifei Technology Co., Ltd.
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Shenzhen Huasifei Technology Co., Ltd.
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   HUASIFEI is a manufacturer professional in R&D and producing network equipments, products are included OpenWRT 4G5G wifi router,Vehicle 5G router, outdoor CPE, indoor CPE,MESH Router ,WIFI-6 Router ,4G OTT 4G5G Modem.
HUASIFEI with 50 people R&D team and around 700 people in factory, 20,000 Square meters production scale, is very skilled at processing OEM/ODM design, also builds the long term cooperation with Mediatek, Broadcom,Qualcomm,
capably offering good quality product and fast after-sale serviceTill now,HUASIFEI's products have exported to over 30 countries.
1, Huasifei company is a technology-oriented company, the company has been in the field of 5G LTE CPE, WIFI router product research for nearly
a decade, the interference between 5G LTE and WIFI, antenna isolation and other design have more experience; 2, the hardware R & D engineers
are from the Common Progress, Huawei and other networking companies, have more experience in EMC and other safety regulations.
2, hardware research and development engineers are from the Common Progress, Huawei and other network manufacturers to work, the EMC
and other safety design has more experience.
3, the company's products insist on high quality as the guideline for research and development.
4, 5G4G products from selection, research and development, testing, etc. are to ensure the performance.
5, the company purchased two CMW500 test equipment, WIFI6 test equipment, high and low temperature environment box, as well as the
construction of Shielding Room, in order to analog test transmission, radiation interference, performance, etc., there is a more complete test
6, rapid research and development of new products, customization of new product capabilities, has developed a new platform, research and
development of new product cycle shortened to 1.5 months - 2 months to complete the sample test, completely new platform, but also basically
control in about 3 months to achieve the level of sample delivery.
7, CPE product category is very complete, IDU, ODU and other series of products, has become a system, and there are more new products in the
research and development, Roadmap is too late to update completely, such as 5G MIFI, CAT 12 MIFI, GPON, XGPON, etc..



1, the company has VOIP voice experts, TR069 experts, firewall, IPV6, kernel, WEB GUI and other expert senior engineers.

2、The company has developed Broadcom solution software platform, Realteck solution software platform, MTK solution software platform, IPQ Qualcomm solution openwrt system platform, which can quickly develop new products based on the existing platform.

3, support TR069 STUN, XMPP, DUAL IMAGE, FOTA, APP, iperf speed measurement, VPN and other very many functions.

4, automated test development and construction.

5, VPN function has complex, in-depth development experience, similar to L2TP, PPTP, IPSEC, STRONGSWAN, etc., to achieve with CISCO's VPN server docking;.

6, mobile terminal product line continue to grow stronger, 2022 will be to millimeter wave and other products, now already in the deployment of product intelligence, on the cloud + intelligent control, such as the integration and commercialization of zabbix function, is developing MQTT, OPENSYNC function, to support the cloud intelligent managemen


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